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Our Amazing Team

Copy Cat has several degreed and experienced graphic designers on staff who can help take your job from concept through completion. Our four decades of experience have allowed us nearly unparalleled knowledge of the printing and promotional products industry, so we can offer suggestions for budgets of any size - and ensure that you get even more business.

Not only will Copy Cat meet your expectations, we'll exceed your wildest dreams to get the job done right.

You think I'm kidding? That's the Copy Cat way.


Production Manager, Tom Fincham had a young couple who needed wedding invitations done in an hour. They said the printer they had been using "abandoned them."

Known for his flawless and fast production style, Tom stayed late, printed and cut the invitations himself, and got the job done on time. The couple (now happily married) couldn't have been more thrilled.

Tom will work with YOU to help your job flow quickly through our shop and to your desk.


Manager, Deb Wilkinson has been with Copy Cat since the 90's. Through unmatched attention to detail and response time, Deb gets your job done - no matter what's going on outside!

Deb once received a late-night phone call that a man had been shot in front of one of the Copy Cat locations at that time. The man was taken to the hospital and, thankfully, he turned out to be okay. But some of the shots fired went through the glass front of the building and exterminated the copier. "We buried the equipment, but we were business as usual the next day!" she says.


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