Founded by Irving Pritzker in 1969, Copy Cat Printing was one of America's first 'quick printing' businesses. Using smaller printing presses, Copy Cat had faster delivery times than larger commercial presses, and this service became wildly popular. For the first time, customers could literally wait in the store for their quick copies."

Copy Cat's business quickly expanded to three stores and more than 30 employees, and Irving Pritzker became a successful man. But he always gave back to Baltimore. Pritzker donated to many of the city's charities, including establishing the Save–a-Heart Foundation and serving as its first chairman.

Today, Copy Cat Printing is owned by Paula Fargo, a successful entrepreneur with other businesses in the city. Copy Cat is a city and state certified Minority and Women Business (MWBE). Copy Cat is truly a family, with many on our staff working here for over 20 years. Copy Cat's hands-on team prefers working with our customers personally and can help you find the best products for any budget.